Builders Cleaning Service in Leeds

We are able to conduct new build and sparkle cleans on various buildings and properties across the UK. For further details and a FREE personalized quote, get in touch with us today for Builders cleans in Leeds.

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Builders Cleaning Services in Leeds

A Builders Clean and Sparkle Cleans in Leeds are crucial to showcase a completed property to its full potential after building or renovation work.

We comprehend the significance of this specialized cleaning task, demanding both prompt execution and outstanding outcomes, which we take great pride in consistently achieving. With years of experience in new build cleaning and collaborations with some of the country’s leading construction firms, we offer a trusted and reliable service. Our reputation precedes us as we have been repeatedly employed across various sites nationwide.

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Varieties of Builders Cleaning Services

In the construction industry, two primary types of new build cleans are distinguished. These are referred to as “After Builders” and “Sparkle Clean” in Leeds. We provide comprehensive cleaning services for both of these categories, equipped with skilled builders cleaners who can promptly undertake this work, even if required on short notice.

1. Builders Clean in Leeds

After the builders have finished the major part of their work, our builders’ cleaners conduct a thorough deep cleaning service. These cleans are frequently intricate and entail eliminating accumulated dust, often found in hard-to-reach areas.

2. Sparkle Cleaning in Leeds

Once all the final building work is accomplished, and the construction company is prepared for the handover to the new homeowners, professional cleaners are summoned to carry out what is known as a “Sparkle Clean” – in many ways, it resembles an end of tenancy clean.

New Build Cleaning: Delighting in Satisfaction with Our Builders Cleaning Service

As part of our New Build cleaning service, Keeping Clean’s employs “Satisfaction Sheets” for all our cleaning tasks. These sheets are signed off by an on-hand construction cleaning company representative, serving as a method to verify the complete satisfaction of our construction and building clients with our work. Should we come across any aspect requiring further attention, we promptly rectify it. We understand the utmost importance of time in new build and sparkle cleans, as well as the significance of achieving total satisfaction.

By implementing these professional sign-off sheets, we ensure a seamless and efficient process, guaranteeing that all parties involved are content with the work carried out.

Trusted, Professional Commercial Cleaners


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