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Keeping Clean is a Leeds-based business offering a vast variety of cleaning services for commercial clients based in Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding areas.

This family-run company specialises in all areas of commercial cleaning, having different teams in place to enable focus on each area. The business manager has a personal experience of over 12 years within the cleaning sector. Our team is built up from a diverse group of cleaning operatives with a varied range of experience, all our teams training is tailored around each existing contract, ensuring they are ready to apply their expertise for the benefit of our clients.

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#1 Commercial Cleaning Services in Leeds

Keeping Clean is the premier commercial cleaning company in Leeds that you can rely on for exceptional commercial cleaning services. We have established ourselves as a symbol of integrity and professionalism, always prioritizing client satisfaction above all else. Our impressive track record spans numerous years in the commercial cleaning industry, a testament to our expertise and commitment. Furthermore, each member of our dedicated team at Keeping Clean is an integral part of our closely-knit family, sharing our vision to ensure that every penny you invest in our services is truly worthwhile for you.

Keeping Clean Commercial Cleaning Achievements in Leeds

The Experts Are Here

Most importantly, you have come to the right place and are in the capable hands of experienced professionals in the field. Regardless of the type of space or industry, we can cater to all your cleaning needs and ensure every area is flawlessly cleaned.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

Whether it’s an office building, retail store, manufacturing industry, or warehouse, our skilled experts can swiftly clean, condition, and organize any space. Our comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Leeds include vacuuming carpeted areas, disinfecting furniture, upholstery, doorknobs, desks, and glass partitions, as well as providing carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, and power washing.

We Understand Our Craft

We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work well when it comes to office cleaning. Therefore, we treat each area as unique, adapting our methods, processes, approach, supplies, and equipment to suit the specific demands of the surface and space. We also understand the value you place on your surroundings. Hence, we strive to deliver uncompromising quality in everything we do for you. This commitment is what sets Keeping Clean apart from the rest.

Trusted, Professional Commercial Cleaners


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We do exactly what we say we will do and always go the extra mile.


Ultimately, our presence and success are a direct result of our unwavering commitment to our work, day in and day out.

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We have earned the reputation of being Yorkshire’s most reliable commercial cleaning company.

100% Safe & Organic

In summary, we prioritise your safety by using eco-friendly and well-organised supplies.

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